The Style Blogger — Not So Traditional Tailoring with Nick Wooster

At this point, this is all review for you, right? Because if you’re not familiar with these two cats — the Style Blogger’s Dan Trepanier and Internet Superstar Fashion Director Nick Wooster of Wooster Consultancy, you’re going to be playing a ton of catch-up after this post.

What I love the most about Trepanier’s site is the sheer amount of content he puts into each feature. After being named 
Esquire magazine’s ”Best Dressed Real Man in America” in 2010, Trepanier got the opportunity to become a full-time internet style-celebrity. And The Style Blogger is proof that he hasn’t been slacking.

So why focus on this post in particular? First up — Wooster is sheer bad-ass. Impeccably groomed moustache? check. Slick silver pompadour? check.  An endless stream of cigarettes? you got it! But what makes Wooster a notable style-rebel is that he foregoes all the lumber-jack posturing in lieu of contemporary—and often flamboyant—tailored goods.

Whens the last time you saw a guy mix and match so many elaborate patterns and look anything other than precious. Wooster’s a walking — no strutting — paradox and I love that.

Check it here.

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